Project Support for Asphalt Paving in Vancouver

Time, traffic and weather can leave serious potholes in any asphalt driveway, parking lot. Catmandu assists Lower Mainland asphalt paving contractors in making their asphalt paving in Vancouver a solid success. Our technicians and equipment support your accelerated production needs when performing full- or partial-depth asphalt mill patching.

Any asphalt paving you are working with is thoroughly cut and milled with our asphalt planers to leave a firm base for asphalt patches. We are able to grind the top of the asphalt needing to be replaced to the depth you specify. We leave you with a clean, intact base for long-lasting and cost-efficient pothole repair.

We can also provide crack repair on asphalt parking lots and streets.

Asphalt Removal for Paving Contractors in Vancouver

Does your project require asphalt? With our Bobcat® asphalt planers, Catmandu is able to complete the pavement milling process with precise depth, width and slope control.

Our equipment is armed with asphalt grinders to remove substantial cross sections without the soil disruption, noise and cost of backhoes or jackhammers. In addition to saving time, pavement milling also leaves asphalt particles in sizes that asphalt contractors can reuse in hot mix pavement rather than send to a landfill – just one way Catmandu strives to be eco-friendly.

Call Us for Asphalt Services

Contact Catmandu for an estimate request and consultation about our asphalt removal services in Vancouver and surrounding communities. We have the trained staff and the equipment to handle your largest asphalt removal or paving job.

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