Removal of Concrete Walls and Other Structures

Concrete walls are durable and make an excellent barrier, but when their utility is compromised or changing circumstances require that they be removed, that is a job best left to professionals.

Catmandu has the experience, the trained personnel and the right equipment to complete any type or size of concrete wall demolition in Vancouver and surrounding communities.

Pool Demolition in Vancouver

Nothing runs a buyer off faster than a dilapidated swimming pool on your property. Prepare to put your home on the market by calling Catmandu to safely and efficiently remove your old swimming pool and backfilling afterward. You’ll have more attractive lawn space, and we’ll keep the area looking good. Leave the headaches to us!

Driveway Removal & Replacement

If the concrete in your driveway is breaking up – if you have more plants growing in the cracks of your driveway than in your garden – then it may be time to start over. Add curb appeal to your driveway. Take the first step by hiring Catmandu to bring the trained staff and the necessary equipment to take out your old concrete or asphalt drive – no matter what size it is. We offer these options for your replacement driveway: asphalt, concrete or paving stone.

Catmandu Excavating & Bobcat Services

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