Professional Shotcrete Removal in Vancouver

Shotcrete, otherwise known as sprayed concrete (wet or dry mix), is a process that describes the installation of concrete or mortar using high velocity compressed air through a hose and nozzle system. The material is pneumatically projected onto steel rods, rebar, welded mesh or fibers and is used in the construction of everything from swimming pools and retaining walls to underground tunneling. Because there is no forming or compaction required, shotcrete can be sprayed onto any surface, including vertical and overhead areas. If your renovations require shotcrete removal in Vancouver, Catmandu Excavating & Bobcat Services is the team to call.

Shotcrete Removal for Vancouver Homeowners and Contractors

Shotcrete is ideally suited for any number of decorative interior or exterior projects. The process results in fully-compacted concrete that is stronger and more durable than conventional cast-in-place applications. Shotcrete creates a dense and water repellent product; however, its many strengthening attributes also make it potentially difficult to remove. Catmandu Excavating & Bobcat Services has the necessary equipment and expertise to remove your existing shotcrete in the best possible way. From confined interior spaces within residential homes to out-of-service swimming pools and commercial renovations, our highly-trained, certified crews make sure the job is handled properly for the protection of all on-site personnel and property.

Demolition Experts

If your project requires efficient, cost-effective demolition, call on our experienced professionals to streamline the process. We will determine the type of concrete involved (whether it’s solid or pre-cast) and assess the full scope of work. Our team is committed to you meeting your budget and schedule throughout the process. Is the wall in question a load bearing wall? Which scaffolding and safety gear is required for the task at hand? Whether we’re cutting through rebar or soda blasting dried shotcrete, we strive to work in the cleanest, most efficient manner possible by eliminating dust and excess debris at every stage. When it comes to the mandatory preparation, our crews are meticulous and steadfast.

Get in touch with us, and we’ll discuss the best strategy and equipment to eliminate the unwanted shotcrete from your location. Leave the wall breaking, heavy hauling and material recycling to us!

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